ASSU offers a wide variety of office services for all your office supply needs:

5 cent Photocopiers

We have 2 coin-operated photocopiers in the office – each copy is 5 cents. Our photocopiers can also print from a USB drive as long as the file is in .pdf format.

Cold Pop

We sell non-brand name pop – Cola, Diet Cola and Ginger Ale for only 50 cents!

Faxing Services

We offer faxing services:

Local is 25 cents/page
Long Distance is 50 cents/page
Overseas is $2.00/page

Final Exams

We do not have hard copies of Faculty final exams. These are available online at

Locker Rentals

We rent out lockers in the basement of Sidney Smith Hall. Upper 1/2 size is $70 and Lower 1/2 size is $65. 1/3 size is $60 to $55. A $30 refundable key deposit is included in the price. Cash Only.

Term Test Library

We have copies of term tests that students have donated over the years. Come by to see what we have. We are also always accepting new donations!!!