Project: Universal Minds is a program that brings students at the University of Toronto closer to their community. In short, it’s a volunteer-based tutoring program for struggling high school students in schools around campus. This program is geared specifically towards struggling students in the area. This program is different from other programs in that it’s a free tutoring service for high school students. As university students our tutors serve much as mentors as they do teachers as they are showing high school students the opportunities available to them post-secondary education.

Project: Universal Minds currently offers tutoring in Math, Science and English, tutors are free to select a particular tutoring discipline, but are not limited to when tutoring. To satisfy the program’s requirements each tutor is to meet with their student one hour per week. The beauty of this tutoring program is tutors have the freedom to meet with their students at a time that fits their own schedules.

Upon satisfying the needs of the program tutors are presented with a certificate from the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science recognizing their efforts in the community.  You can also add this to your CCR (Co-Curricular Record).

Both Undergrad and Graduate students at the University of Toronto are welcome to apply for this program. It’s perfect for hands on teaching experience or serving as a prerequisite for teacher’s college. It’s also a fantastic way to regularly get involved with the community.

If you have any questions regarding the program or are interested in getting involved please contact the co-ordinator Yoko Minoda at or come by our office at SS1068!