Course Unions are the core of the Arts and Science Students’ Union. From A to Z, Anthropology to Women & Gender Studies and all the ones in between, these academic unions represent the students in disciplines within the Faculty of Arts and Science and by taking any course you are automatically a part of them. We have nearly 55 active Course Unions offering several academic and social services for their members. While each Course Union is unique, both in vision and in form, all share the common goals of meeting students’ needs and representing students’ views. Showing support for your Course Union is an excellent way to actively get involved with your education. Come to the ASSU office, or contact your course union directly to find out more about how you can get involved.

African Studies Course Union (ASCU)

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American Studies Student Society (ASSS)

The American Studies Students’ Society is the course union for the American Studies department at the University of Toronto. Conducting social and academic events, the ASSS is an organization where students can socialize and expand their knowledge. For more information about ASSS and our events, like us on Facebook or send us and email!

Anthropology Students’ Association (ASA)

The Anthropology Students’ Association represents you as a student to the department. We act as your voice for any concerns and questions you may have about U of T’s Anthropology programs. We also house valuable resources such as a collection of past tests and field school information.

In addition to providing academic services the ASA is here to make sure your university experience is enjoyable and fun! We host events such as movie nights, bake sales, lecture series, and pub nights.

Anyone is free to attend our weekly meetings to contribute ideas for the ASA so come join us and get involved in your academic community!

Biochemistry Undergraduate Students Society (BUSS)

Book and Media Studies Student Association (BMSSU)

Howdy from the Book and Media Studies Student Association (BMSSA). We represent Book and Media Studies (BMS) students to faculty, staff, and other students across campus. We also organize social events that facilitate communication and the development of friendships among BMS students, and we ensure the academic well-being of the BMS program (by, for example, lobbying to increase the number of course options that cover a more diverse range of topics).

Buddhism and Psychology Student Union (BPSU)

The Buddhism and Psychology Student Union is a non-profit student-run organization created to provide students with an open (and respectful) forum to discuss the implications of integrating Buddhist, and other spiritual practices with Western medicine/psychology. BPSU also provides an opportunity for students in the Buddhism, Psychology, & Mental Health(BP&MH) program to develop a strong sense of connection with one another.

Those students enrolled in BP&MH are encouraged to join, get involved, and help build the BPSU community. We also extend our welcome to anyone at U of T who is interested in attending or participating in our academic/social events.

Cell & Systems Biology Students’ Union (CSBSU)

Celtic Studies Course Union

Office: 166 Brennan Hall

Cinema Studies Students’ Union (CINSSU)

The Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU) functions as both a representative for undergraduate students enrolled in Cinema Studies programs at the University of Toronto and as a film society promoting and celebrating the medium, through a variety of screening series, seminars and an annual academic journal.

The group is comprised of a dedicated undergraduate students enrolled in the Cinema Studies program who volunteer their time to participate in the growth of the program, to facilitate student concerns with the faculty, and organize and run film screenings, especially the popular weekly series: Free Friday Films.

Classics Students’ Union (CLASSU)

Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence Students Association (CASA)

The Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Students’ Association aims to bring together everyone in the University of Toronto community involved or interested in the study of the mind. 

 Our office (F301 in UC) is the hub of CASA’s activities: we have a  library that contains more than 500 books on cognitive science and related topics, a wireless network, and plenty of cool people to talk to. We also have a comfy couch and some yummy tea available for all comers, so we encourage you to come by even just to hang out between classes, or whenever you’re on campus. Our office hours are 12-6 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

Computer Science Students’ Union (CSSU)

The Computer Science Students’ Union (CSSU) interacts with faculty, staff and other clubs of the university on behalf of students in computer science. It helps to build the computer science community by holding social events like game night, pub night, and special events like the pancake breakfast. They hold seminars which are accessible to people anywhere in their studies. They also have an office where people can come by and lounge, while also selling food and drinks there with the money going to help put on events. Everyone is welcome to drop by the CSSU office and hang out.

Contemporary Asian Studies Students’ Union (CASSU)

The Contemporary Asian Studies Student Union (formerly known as the Pan-Asia Student Society) is the undergraduate course union for the Contemporary Asian Studies program at the University of Toronto. CASSU was founded in 2010 by students in the Dr. David Chu Asia Pacific Studies program, and strives to strengthen students’ understanding towards contemporary Asia from a global perspective in a non-classroom setting. Through organizing social, cultural, academic and professional events related to Asia, the group also sets to enhance students’ interests for the region.

Criminology Students’ Association (CRIMSA)

The Criminology Students’ Association (CRIMSA) represents all graduate and undergraduate criminology students, and anyone taking at least one Criminology course (WDW) at the University of Toronto. CRIMSA aims to bring the Criminology community together and build stronger relationships between the students, staff, and alumni through social and academic events. CRIMSA’s mandate involves increasing student participation in the Criminology program and representing their interests to the University.

CRIMSA organizes academic events (lectures, job search panels, professor-student networking, and volunteer opportunities) in order to engage students in a deeper involvement and understanding in the study of Criminology. CRIMSA also hosts various social events (BBQ’s, Pub Nights and social evenings between students and Faculty) in order to foster a stronger feeling of inclusion and community amongst the students.

Diaspora and Transnational Studies Students’ Union (DTSU)

Society of Drama Undergraduate Drama Students (SUDS)

East Asian Studies Students’ Union (EASSU)

The East Asian Studies Students’ Union (EASSU) is an active student body dedicated to the undergraduate students of the East Asian Department. We are not only a liaison between students and the department, but we are here to make your learning experience more enjoyable and fulfilling. Throughout the year, we hold both academic and social events that relate to the East Asian cultures. If you are interested in helping out with events or would like to participate in an event, please contact us. Get INVOLVED and make your university experience the best it can be.

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Union (EEBU)

Economics Students’ Association (ESA)

Employment Relations Student Assciotiation (ERSA)

English Students’ Union (ESU)

The English Students’ Union (ESU) represents anyone taking an English course at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus. Our vision is to foster strong, supportive relationships among English students, and to provide them with information about English-related resources.

The role of the English Students’ Union can be summarized in three points:
1. To act as a liaison between English students and the English department.
2. To provide a community for English students.
3. To organize events that promote learning and community-building
among English students.

We host a variety of events including coffeehouses, academic seminars, movie nights, and just recently, our Masquerade. Please feel free to contact us personally. For more information, please visit our website!

Environmental Students’ Union (ENSU)

Ethics, Society & Law Students’ Association (ESLSA)

Equity Studies Students’ Union (ESSU)

The Equity Studies Students’ Union represents students majoring in, or taking a course in, the Equity Studies program offered by New College. It facilitates communication between the department and the undergraduate student body, as well as with the Education and Equity program at OISE. The union seeks to foster a critical social and academic community based on social justice principles, and works with other social-justce student groups to promote equity on campus. ESSU also supports and participates in a number of campaigns, including (but not limited to!) the Transitional Year Program Preservation Alliance, the Save Disability Studies campaign, the NO COPS! in schools campaign, and Save Arts&Science at UofT. ESSU is also partnering with other course unions and community organisations to offer an interdisciplinary academic conference called Decolonizing Our Minds, to be held in the winter semester.

European Studies Students’ Association (ESSA)

The European Studies Students’ Association is the official student organization of the European Studies Program at the University of Toronto. Through our affiliation with the Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, our members benefit from the access to, and knowledge of thirteen departments in their learning about Europe and European issues. We encourage our members to actively participate in academic, cultural and social events to enrich their university experience.

Foresters’ Club

French Course Union (FCU)

Bruno, Mary, Kimberley, Maria and Ashley : your French Course Union representatives. Our first priority is to represent the interests of those taking undergraduate courses at the French Department of the University of Toronto. The union was reformed this September after years of absence. Thank you for your support and find us at

Toronto Undergraduate Geography Society (TUGS)

Undergraduate Earth Sciences Association (UESA)

German Studies Students’ Union (GSSU)

Health Studies Students’ Union (HSSU)

Health Studies is an interdisciplinary program based out the University College. The program promotes critical analysis and a incisive approach to understanding the multitude of factors affecting health.

The Health Studies Students’ Union (HSSU) upholds its mandate to support its students through academic workshop, opportunities to network with professors and peers, as well as social events to become more familiar with fellow Health Studies students as well as other campus groups. We hope to promote critical thinking and application of program teachings on current issues.

HSSU also publishes the Undergraduate Health Studies Journal every year. The Journal consists of health-related academic papers, exchanges, poems, and artwork. We welcome students of all disciplines to participate in all aspects of the health studies experience.

History Students’ Association (HSA)

The History Students’ Association is a course union that aims to bring together students and professors with a common interest in history by hosting a number of social and academic events throughout the year. It is also available for consultation on history courses and other history program-related concerns and queries.

The HSA publishes an annual journal of undergraduate student work entitled “The Future of History” and gives students a voice in curriculum and policy-making within the department by representing students at History Department meetings and the Undergraduate Program Committee.

The History Students’ Association depends on the interest and participation of history students – every student who takes at least one-half course in history is a member of the student association. Course representatives are elected at the beginning of the semester, and a new Executive is elected every spring.

History of Art Students’ Association (HASA)

The History of Art Students’ Association (HASA) is a student-run organization based at the St. George Campus at the University of Toronto. HASA exists to enhance the experiences of undergraduate art students in Art History.

History and Philosophy of Science Undergraduate Society (HPSUS)

Human Biology Students’ Union (HBSU)

Indiginous Studies Students’ Union (ISSU)

Office: 563 Spadina Rd. 2nd Fl.



Immunology Students’ Association (IMMSA)

International Relations Society (IRS)

The International Relations Society is the University of Toronto’s course union for students enrolled in the International Relations Programme. It offers inimitable opportunities for students to strengthen their skills learnt in class and fosters numerous chances for discussion, debate, discourse and interaction between world leaders, policy makers, professors and students.

Each year the Society hosts a number of social events, a speaker series, roundtable discussions, and a conference. We also offer a Mentorship Program for first and second year students and host workshops for students pursuing careers in the field of international relations. The Society is proud to have Professor Mairi Macdonald, Director of the International Relations Programme, as our faculty mentor.

Since much of our programming appeals to anyone sharing an interest in global affairs, students who are not enrolled in the IR Programme are encouraged to join our membership base. Thus, the Society welcomes all students from the University’s various colleges and areas of study. The Society’s slogan says it all: Be part of the conversation.

Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology Students’ Union (LMPSU)

Literarture and Critical Theory Students’ Union (LCTSU)

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Students’ Union (MGYSU)

Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations Students’ Union (NMCSU)

An ASSU course union, the NMCSU represents students at the University of Toronto enrolled in NMC courses and those working towards an NMC minor, major, or specialist. Our mandate is to serve as a liaison between the department and its undergraduate cohort and to augment student life with fun, educational events. Our chief goal is to help NMC undergraduates engage with their subject of study, bringing together students and faculty from the department’s diverse disciplines as a community of shared interest.

Neuroscience Association of Undergraduate Students (NAUS)

The Neuroscience Association for Undergraduate Students (NAUS) is a student organization affiliated with the Department of Human Biology at the University of Toronto. Our mandate is to enhance the undergraduate neuroscience experience by facilitating academic, social and career development opportunities. We have a variety of events planned for the upcoming year including academic seminars, outreach opportunities, an inter-university Life Sciences competition, a formal, and even an undergraduate conference!

Nutritional Sciences Student Association (NSSA)

The Nutritional Sciences Students Association (NSSA) is an undergraduate course union dedicated to students who are taking courses in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto. Membership includes, but is not limited to, students enrolled in the Program of Study. We aim to promote the field of Nutritional Sciences while encouraging a more cohesive, social community within the program. Our goal is also to help undergraduates connect with graduate students, faculty and alumni. By holding a variety of events throughout the year including student-professor luncheons, academic seminars, outreach opportunities and pub nights, we hope to support and enrich the undergraduate experience here at U of T. Hope to see you during the year!

Peace, Conflict, and Justice Society (PCJ)

Pharmacology & Toxicology Students’ Association (PTSA)

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Student Union (PCSU)

Philosophy Course Union (PCU)

Physics & Astronomy Students’ Union (PASU)

Undergraduate Physiology Students’ Association (UPSA)

Association of Political Science Students (APSS)

The Association of Political Science Students is the course union representing all students enrolled in POL courses. APSS hosts a number of events throughout the school year, including academic seminars, career advising events, socials and conferences. All students in political science students are more than welcome to attend our events. Please visit us on Facebook at and sign up for our listserve on the page.

Psychology Students’ Association (PSA)

Association of Renaissance Students (ARS)

Office: EJ Pratt Library – CRSS, Rm 304


Rotman Commerce Students’ Assciotiation (RCSA)

Society of Linguistics Undergraduate Students (SLUGS)

Sexual Diversity Studies Students’ Union (SDSSU)

The SDSSU is a student run organization that represents any student associated with the Sexual Diversity Studies department at the University of Toronto. This means that even if you’re taking one course that’s under the SDS umbrella, we’re here for you. Our mandate is to act as a liaison between students and teachers in our department while also creating a community among our members. We have a variety of events planned for the upcoming school year that will help bring together SDS students and teachers while also crossing boundaries with other departments to show the diversity of our field.

Slavic Languages Student Union (SLSU)

Undergraduate Sociology Students’ Union (USSU)

U of T Statistical Sciences Association of Students (SSAS)

U of T Statistical Sciences Association of Students (SSAS)

Urban Studies Students’ Union (URSSU)

URSSU represents all those in Urban Studies programs at U of T. Our executive is composed of elected undergraduate students who organize urban-focused academic and social events, provide peer support, and raise awareness about urban issues. Our 2012-13 president is Margot Thomaidis, and vice-President is Kara Naklicki.

Urban Studies is a multidisciplinary program hosted by Innis College spanning the study of architecture, economics, environment, geography, history, politics, and sociology as they relate to cities. We study cities so we can learn how they work and how to make them better. If you would like to become more active within the student union, have questions about events or the program, or are interested in collaborating with URSSU in some way, please feel free to contact us by email.

Women & Gender Studies Students’ Union (WGSSU)

The Women and Gender Studies Student Union (WGSSU) acts as a source of information and support for students. A major goal of the WGSSU is to combine student activism with academic studies. Committees have been established to address student concerns such as increasing tuition, clothing made in sweatshops, violence against women and other local and global issues.

The WGSSU provides students with the opportunity to develop friendships, work relationships, and a strong academic learning environment. Each year, the WGSSU organizes several events, both academic and social, for the undergraduate student body in Women and Gender Studies.

500-D, New College Student Centre, Wilson Hall