Executive Nominations are now open!

The ASSU Executive represents the academic concerns for over 24,000 full-time Arts & Science students on the St. George campus.  Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to – holding weekly office hours, attending Executive meetings every few weeks, reporting at ASSU Council Meetings, sitting on various ASSU committees, representing ASSU at Faculty meetings, working with and helping Course Unions, working on ASSU projects and any other academic concerns affecting A&S students that might come up during the year.

If you have the time commitment and the passion, why not consider running for the ASSU Executive!  Any Full-time, Arts & Science Student registered on the St. George campus, or ASSU-fee paying student can run for a position.

Nomination forms available at the ASSU Office for:

– two (2) Executive Members

Nominations Open:

Thursday, September 7th – 10 a.m.

 Nominations Close:

Thursday, September 21st5 p.m.


Friday, September 29th4 p.m.

Fall By-Election Candidate Statements

Jina Aryaan

My name is Jina Aryaan and I’m running to be an executive on ASSU. As a third year sociology major with a double minor in French and Latin American Studies, I believe that my diverse educational interests and extra-curricular activities will enable me to make an exceptional contribution to the current ASSU team and existing initiatives.

As a past recipient of ASSU’s First Year Student Award, my passion for student advocacy and campus engagement has led to my executive involvement with numerous campus clubs from which I have gained much knowledge on the daily issues faced by students. Currently, I serve as an undergraduate representative on multiple ArtsSci Council committees, the UTSU clubs committee and Hart House Social Justice Committee. I’m also a student alumni ambassador, coeditor-in-chief of Her Campus, and the founder and President of the Spanish Student Organization.

I aim to improve the student experience by:

1) Establishing a course evaluation system for TAs and Professors to collect student feedback

2) Increasing funds and administrative resources for Course Unions to facilitate readily more inclusive and accessible events

3) Planning more events targeting first year and international students

4) Organizing informative events and activities on mental health support

5) Increasing ASSU’s social media presence to consistently inform students of the union’s services I recognize that there are diverse students with distinct university experiences, but I intend on uniting these students and establishing the conditions that allow for one shared university experience that meets everyone’s academic, health and social needs.


Danyal Damroodi

Candidate has removed themselves from the election.


Hilora Dewett

I go by the name Hilora Dewett (she and her pronouns) and I’m that one person that HAS to point out that something is problematic. I like to remember that if someone says they’re bothered by something, I don’t get to decide that they aren’t. With this in mind, I have experience as the Equity Director in the New College Student Council and view myself as a leader. I believe that in order for students to be successful in university and academics it is important to foster a safe space because everyone has a story and assumptions lead nowhere. I pride myself in having an open mind but also understand that being a leader along with being equitable and inclusive is an on-going journey and there is always more to be learned. With this position, I hope to maintain a safe, sustainable, well-represented and comfortable environment!”


Merrah Haq

In my four years at U of T, I have been involved in numerous clubs and different levels of their executive team.  Last year I was the Under-Secretary-General of two campus organizations, UTMUN and OMWHO.  Both organizations required me to change existing constitutions to improve the clubs functions, organize staff events throughout the year and produce a three-day conference.  While I love being a part of clubs around campus, I want to spend my last year improving campus life for my fellow students, under the ASSU constituency.  I am confident that my administrative and management experience will aid me in executive duties.  My familiarity with club needs and their mandates will help me be a good liaison.

ASSU’s maintains a unique platform, possessing the opportunity to confront various prejudices on campus.  The other I saw on ASSU’s twitter speak out against racist campus tweets.  Something we all appreciate in making student life a more positive and safe environment for everyone.  I want to expand and direct these efforts into other, also, worthy causes.  One initiative I would facilitate is making mental health support information readily available.  Offices around campus visibly provide contraceptives; similarly, it would be beneficial to have mental health help sheets.  These could include various supports available on campus, rights we hold as students, and just general tips on watching out for our fellow classmates.  In short, implementing practical measure that help people on a day-to-day basis, and making our campus, and it’s offices accessible for everyone.

ASSU Fall Elections- Call for Nominations

Nominations are now open for the ASSU Fall Executive Elections

Nominations are now open for the two (2) vacant Executive Member positions.   Any Full-time, Arts & Science Student registered on the St. George campus, or ASSU-fee paying student can run for a position.

The ASSU Executive represents the academic concerns for over 23,000 full-time Arts & Science students on the St. George campus.  Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to – holding weekly office hours, attending Executive meetings every few weeks, reporting at ASSU Council Meetings, sitting on various ASSU committees, representing ASSU at Faculty meetings, working with and helping Course Unions, working on ASSU projects and any other academic concerns affecting A&S students that might come up during the year.

If you have the time commitment and the passion, why not consider running for the ASSU Executive!  Nomination forms are available in the ASSU Office. Nominations close on Friday, September 23rd at 5 pm and elections will take place on Monday, October 3rd at 5:30 pm.

ASSU’s new 2016-2017 Executive

2016-2017 ASSU Exec


Congratulations to the incoming 2016-2017 ASSU Executive!

At our council meeting on March 23rd, Course Union representatives elected the first of their 2016-2017 ASSU Executives. Two more Executives will be elected at the first council meeting of the Fall 2016 term.

The President-Elect of ASSU is Ondiek Oduor, who ran unopposed. Ondiek was first elected to ASSU at the Spring 2015 council elections.

Both Crystal Gao and Lisa Chen return to the Executive, after having been elected twice and three times before respectively.

Joining the ASSU Executive for the first time are Priyanka Sharma and Amani Bosibori Moragia. They join an already dedicated team who are looking forward to continuing the work of the Union over the summer and into the next academic year. 

2016 ASSU Candidate Statements

Here are the statements from the candidates for the upcoming ASSU Executive elections
Candidate for President

Ondiek Oduor

Hey Friends®,

I’m a fourth year student studying Social-Cultural Anthropology, Book & Media Studies, and Women & Gender Studies – and I am running to be your President.

Having the privilege of serving ASSU this year has taught me the importance of maintaining a unified sense of community. It has also opened my eyes to the structural barriers that impede our success. While we do have some of the most intelligent individuals in the world—both studying and teaching here—we must acknowledge that more work has to be done before we can have a reciprocal relationship with the University.

This year, we actively strived to increase student involvement within our exceptionally diverse community. In my term, I organized and advertised (re: Facebook lol) all three coffeehouses – including Ariana’s Grande which I considered iconic. Furthermore, I organized equity training for the executive members, participated in the Fall Reading Week Referendum, and re-launched the Arbor Journal as Co-Editor in Chief. I also brought my favourite podcast—The Read—to the University for totally unselfish reasons.

I believe that I have the necessary experience to continue our progress. I’ve held several roles including, but not limited to: being the Head of Non-Resident Affairs at Trinity College, interning for the Office of Student Life’s social media networks, co-founding Intersections: the Clapback journal, and being a regular contributor to the Salterrae and Gargoyle.

It would be a privilege to take on the presidential role, and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings!

Candidates for Executive

Tian Yi Bao – no statement

Nathan Chan


My name is Nathan Chan and I hope to become an executive member of ASSU. I am currently in the third year of the Physiology Specialist and Pharmacology Major Programs.

Previous commitments have lent extensive experience that is applicable to ASSU. Having been both the Executive Administrator and Second-Year Representative of the Undergraduate Physiology Student Association, I have two-years’ experience collaborating with course unions and developing academic and social programming for students. Within Trinity College, I have served two years as Vice-President, Academic of LGBTQ+ support group “Rainbow Trinity”, two years as Co-Captain of student safety group “Sober Patrol”, and two years as a Member-at-Large of anti-sexual harassment advocacy group “Trinity Against Sexual Assault and Harassment”. I further have founded “People of Colour at Trinity College”, a social support group for racialised students.

Through my experience, I have interacted with hundreds of students from various identities. As an executive member of ASSU, I hope to improve student experience in three ways:

1) encouraging greater inter-course union collaboration to provide greater opportunity for student engagement

2) educating course unions to ensure campus-wide social and mental health resources are used and accessible

3) engaging in campus-wide student outreach to address issues of social and financial inequity

Above all, I recognize the diversity of our studies and the diversity of our lived experiences. By focusing on the aforementioned goals, I hope to improve the student experience for all students.

I hope you will strongly consider my candidacy for executive membership of ASSU.


Jia Chen


My name is Lisa Chen and I am finishing my third year at U of T, as well as my third year as an executive on ASSU. If elected for a fourth year, I will work to bring more structure to the Budget Review Committee and Course Union Special Funding Request forms, as well as continue to push for improvement in the Faculty’s annual Course Evaluation.

In the three years that I have served on ASSU, I have helped the union push for Faculty-wide change such as Syllabi Regulation and an International Students Survey in 2014, and a referendum for a Fall Reading Week in 2015. Both with my team and as an individual, I have hosted internationally-renown speakers such as Wab Kinew and Ta-Nehisi Coates, in addition to fun de-stresser events such as a Nightmare before Christmas themed coffee-house, a ‘90s Themed Dance Party and cupcake decorating.

This year in addition to being an executive, I held the position of treasurer and worked closely with the Budget Review Committee to approve the Special Funding Request forms of Course Unions. I found that the Committee did not have a concrete set of guidelines to work from, and we had difficulty reaching consensus on which parts of a request to grant, and whether or not to grant 100% of the request. In 2016, I hope to create a solid set of guidelines based on precedent and approve SPFs in a fair and objective manner.



Crystal Gao

When I joined ASSU in 2014, I aimed to make an impact on the academic experiences of students in our faculty. Little did I know how this space would change me. Each of you play an important role on your course unions and engage with student affairs beyond… I am certain you can relate. Somewhere along the work we have been doing, this big campus began to feel a lot smaller.

Over the past two years, I’ve had the privilege to work on initiatives to support our first year and international students, Mental Health week and course evaluations. This week, I am proud to be hosting our first Transition Week to help first year students find their crucial next steps for off-campus housing, academic planning and program enrolment. On Election Day, I will share a more in-depth overview of my past and ongoing projects as well as what I hope to achieve with ASSU Council next year.

To the course union leaders here today, I want to say, thank you for giving me your trust for the past two years. I hope you will give me another opportunity to work with you and continue on the projects that I’ve begun!


Amani Bosibori Moragia

Hey y’all,

My name is Bosi and I’m running to be your next ASSU student executive. I’m looking forward to bringing a dose of consistent black excellence to the Arts and Science Students Union, as well as a wealth of activities and initiatives that cater to the diverse student body. It’s lit.


Harrison Perry-Daiter

My name is Harrison Perry-Daiter and I am running for election to the Arts and Science Students’ Union Executive. I am a second year student majoring in European Studies, with minors in Russian and Jewish Studies.

I have been a firm advocate of student activism throughout my academic career. Pursuing broad education reform, I presented my speech “Sexism in the French Language” before a forum of Ontario secondary school French Language Department heads, for which I was awarded the Emblem of the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages.

I have prior experience in student governance, having served as Vice President-Academic of the Slavic Languages Student Union.   Acting upon our members’ right to efficient course evaluations, we are working with the Department to facilitate access to internal reviews, drawing from standardized year-end student feedback. Among my other student leadership initiatives, I served as Vice President of AFTER UofT. In this capacity, I co-organized a Professional Development Conference, a full day event that featured thirty guest speakers, and accommodated over three hundred students.

While building upon ASSU’s successes, my targets for 2016-2017 include efficient course evaluations, by offering accessible sessional feedback on professors, course instructors and teaching assistants. I would apply ASSU’s broad student outreach to promote engagement in Course Union events of all sizes.


Natalie Petra

I’m Natalie Petra and I’m running for re-election for the ASSU Executive. I am majoring in Ethics, Society and Law and Peace, Conflict and Justice, and minoring in Equity Studies. I am also a course union executive with the PCJ Society. I have served as an elected member of the Faculty’s Committee on Standing, on the UCLit’s Finance Committee, and as an orientation executive. Outside of school, I am a library board trustee, and serve as the Director of Communications for the New Democratic Youth of Canada.

Working with ASSU and the Faculty, I have learned and grown immensely. I had the pleasure of seeing the work of course unions and hearing student needs. Last year, I implemented an email system for ASSU, and ensured budgets, policies and minutes were accessible online. I was proud to work on the Fall Reading Week Referendum, and to advocate for an improved Course Evaluation system, better support systems for first years and international students, and mental wellness resources. I want to build on this by:

1) Implementing a feedback system for course unions, and providing resources to facilitate joint events.

2) Lobbying for nap spaces, improved mental wellness services, equity training and ending exam deferral fees.

3) Creating an open committee for students to get involved with the ASSU Executive’s work, and promoting ASSU’s services more widely.

4) Working to create a bursary for students in crisis.

Thanks for a great year – I sincerely hope to be able to serve again!


Priyanka Sharma

Hi there! I’m Priyanka Sharma (call me Pri!), studying Criminology and Psychology with a minor in English. As my second year comes to a close, I find myself at a place where I have gained enough experience to enhance my initiatives to the greater UofT community, and now am just awaiting the opportunity to do so – ASSU Executive is that perfect opportunity.

In the past two years I have been involved in my college and the university in almost every capacity. At Trinity College, my involvement ranges from being an executive member for organizing Frosh Week, Saints Charity Ball and Conversat Ball, to sitting on the executive panels for the Equity Committee, the Trinity Against Sexual Assault Initiative, Dramatic Society and more. As part of the larger campus community, I have had the pleasure to play on the St. George Tri-Campus Volleyball team, photograph for The Varsity, and represent the Pre-Law Society at competitions.

Through my interactions with the wide range of students at UofT, I have seen the possibility of creating a positive space, and how ASSU can expend it campus-wide to provide the healthiest and best academic and social experience to the largest faculty at UofT. I aim to focus on raising awareness of our student’s rights, varying from academic to other code of conduct policies (i.e. campus sexual assault). Through information empowerment and community events, I hope to foster an equitable space focusing on positive mental health, where every student can be engaged and supported.


Nicholas Grant

No statement submitted.


Stephanie Lim

My name is Stephanie Lim and I am a third year student pursuing a double major in Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies and Contemporary Asian Studies. I currently serve on the Contemporary Asian Studies Student Union in an executive capacity. In this capacity, I have become well acquainted with the functions and responsibilities of a course union; as well as the symbiotic relationship between ASSU and the course unions. If elected, I intend to work to further ameliorate this relationship, as well as that between ASSU and the greater U of T administration. Another initiative I hope to focus on this year is improving the first-year U of T experience.

The first-year at U of T can be an incredibly academically and socially period; however, with the proper support it can also be extremely rewarding and an opportunity for personal growth. In order to provide this support for first-year students I hope to pursue several initiatives at the beginning of the year such as:

· Creating a pamphlet with study-tips and information on fairly unknown but useful academic and personal resources available on campus

· Hosting a panel breaking down U of T governing structures and how first-year students can become more involved

· Host first-year specific mixers and events

In addition to these initiatives, if elected I’d also like to:

· increase funding to course unions

· streamline the process for applying for funding

· continue hosting fun stress-relieving events with refreshments


Alexander Verman

As a wise father figure of mine said “I’ll be there for you, I will care for you.”

That father figure was Drake, and it’s one I share; champagnepapi meets UofTpapi. I’m here to take care of students.

Writing for The Varsity for years, I’m tired of watching people politicking instead of working for their constituents. What I want is to help, by improving the daily academic lives of Arts and Science students at UofT.

That means making information about our classes accessible. I’d require course dropping dates and criteria on the first page of all syllabi, and for independent studies to produce a syllabus-like document that outlines expectations on student and staff participants, so no one ends up stressing over a class they didn’t want. I aim to secure administration funding for a physical anti-calendar for years to come, and to work with course unions to make our support easy to navigate for even the most sleep-deprived. I hope to begin developing a central UofT grad school service, where ASSU can work with and push the administration to develop a single site through which we can learn about and apply to graduate programs at UofT.

Lastly, I want to enhance ASSU events, advocacy, and accountability, drawing on my experience with the Association of Political Science Students executive, Jewish organizations on campus and the BDS coalition.

I know that this faculty can be tough to navigate alone; vote for a UofTpapi who’s here to take care of you.


UofT Statistical Sciences Association of Students (UofT SSAS) ELECTIONS

The UofT Statistical Sciences Association of Students (UofTSSAS) is holding elections next week for President, VP-Internal and VP-External.  The President and VP-External positions have been acclaimed.  There will only be an election for the VP-Internal.  The candidates statements are listed below.

The polling station will be open from 10-3 on Monday, September 29th and Tuesday, September 30th in the Study Area of Sidney Smith (St. George Street side).

Please make sure you bring your Student ID card – only full-time Arts & Science students who are either enrolled in an ACT/STA course or those who are enrolled in an ACT/STA program are eligible to vote.

Here are the candidates and their statements:

Candidates for Vice-President Internal

Michael Jun Ki Yoon

I would like to run for vice-president internal for UofT SSAS.

I have past leadership experiences and commitments at other clubs at this university such as the vice-president of St Michael’s College Korean Students Association and as a finance and governance committee member of Global Student Network.

SSAS has been very successful with hosting various events such as social events, career networking and etc. My goal as a vice-president internal is to help the club run smoothly and follow the rules and regulation. Considering my experience of working for several clubs, I’ve found that I do my best when I’m in the back side of the team supporting the team members with governance and finance.

I reserve rather conservative ideas in terms of ideas for this club since, the club’s been running very successfully for the past years and there’s no need to fundamentally change the ideas of the club. My commitment should be supporting the club to run smoothly and seek for improvements. One particular thing I would like to focus on is hosting more career networking opportunities for the students.

I believe that my past experience and passion to help out this club will contribute greatly for this upcoming year. There, I believe that I am a very eligible candidate for VP internal.

Tannishtha Pramanick

My experiences in applied statistics began with a satellite tracking project affiliated with NASA in high school and continued with two clinical research internships at Harvard Medical School. From these, I gleaned that statistics and big data is very useful in a wide variety of fields. I want to share my passion for statistics with the student body, and as VP internal I intend to foster a community where students will have the opportunity to network and hear from experts in the field. Also, I understand that a vibrant social scene is vital for student satisfaction, as I currently serve as social coordinator of my residence. Lastly, my leadership experience as the editor-in-chief of the new global affairs magazine, The Foreign Observer, has prepared me to lead with enthusiasm and focus. Vote for me, and I promise you an amazing year!


Nominations for ASSU Executive are now open

ASSU Council will elect two new executive members at our first Council Meeting on September 29th. These executive members will join the five ASSU executives who were elected in March.

This is a great way to get involved with your education here at the Faculty of Arts and Science. Executives take an active role in discussions around Faculty policy and the life of students here on campus.

More information and nomination forms can be found in the ASSU Office, Sid Smith Hall Rm 1068.

Nominations are now closed. 

ASSU’s New Executive

Congratulations to our new 2014-2015 ASSU Executive!

ASSU council met on March 19th to elect five new Executive members for the coming academic year. The candidates gave impassioned speeches about the need for more support from the Faculty of Arts and Science, as well as a renewed focus on Course Union collaboration. The voting was extremely close due to quality of the candidates. Thank you to everyone who ran! As per the ASSU constitution, there will be two more Executive Members elected in late September.

PRESIDENT (Acclaimed)

Abdullah Shihipar


Lisa Chen

Reid Dobell

Chrystal Gao

Dylan Chauvin-Smith

Thanks again to the wonderful candidates, and the ever-benevolent ASSU council.

ASSU Elections

ASSU Council will be meeting to elect their new Executive Council for the 2014-2015 year on Wednesday March 19th at 4p.m. in SS2135.

The ASSU Executive is responsible for implementing policy initiated by Council, as well as working with Course Unions, the administration, and other campus groups to improve the academic life of students in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

The Executive is made up of seven members: one President, and six Executive members. Four of these Executive members are elected at this meeting, and two will be elected at the first ASSU council meeting in the next fall term.

Each Course Union will get two votes, one for their President or delegate, and one for their second council member. Current ASSU Executive members can also vote for candidates.

Here are the official statements from the candidates running for Executive:


Presidential Candidate (Acclaimed)

Abdullah Shihipar

Hi everybody. My name is Abdullah Shihipar and I am running to be your president.

Having served on ASSU for the past two years, I know the challenges we face as students in the Faculty of Arts and Science. We are privileged to be able to learn from some of the brightest minds in the world, however at the same time our academic experience is hindered by challenges the size of our faculty presents.

These past two years, together we have been able to accomplish a lot. We expanded our course union forum and increased cooperation, we worked with the faculty to tackle issues like private review sessions being hosted on campus, drop dates and syablli issues and collaborated to bring you events like Exam Jam. However, there is still a lot to do.

Inefficient course evaluations, flat fees and the declining quality of the educational experience in our faculty make it harder for students to earn a degree without facing significant academic, social and financial stresses. Taking a significant toll on their mental health. As president, I promise to first and foremost, listen to what you have to say and make sure your concerns are effectively represented at the decision making table. I wish to continue our productive relationship with the faculty, but I will also not hesitate to advocate for students on contentious issues.

Working together, we can overcome the obstacles we face in our quest for a better quality, affordable and accessible education for all.


Executive Candidates

Dylan Chauvin-Smith

I am running for re-election to the Arts and Science Students’ Union largely so that I can continue the work that I started this year and because my commitment to student issues hasn’t wavered.

If re-elected, my main focus will be the Syllabus Review Project that I initiated this academic year. The impetus of this project is to provide our executive team with the statistical data necessary to demonstrate the kinds of systemic policy compliance issues that are so often the subject of our advocacy to the Faculty administration.

I will continue to fight for a fairer fee structure, a better user interface for course evaluation results, and a more equitable academic environment. Additionally, I would like to explore how ASSU can adapt its structure and relationship to Course Unions, with the aim of improving our service to students in the Faculty.

I have been involved in various student organizations during my time at U of T, but my executive position on ASSU has offered me the best opportunity to make positive change for students. Please give me a chance to renew my commitment to Arts and Science students by voting for me.​


Lisa Chen

Hello ASSU council, I am running for re-election after a challenging but educational first year as an executive.  I am new to both U of T and ASSU, and my time as ASSU has helped me understand the university and its students better – be it through council meetings with their diversity of student groups or office hours where come in personally and voice their concerns about a professor or an assignment.  In this year I have re-vamped ASSU promotional posters for events such as Games Night and Exam Jam to better catch the attention of students and student unions alike.  I have also launched the meme-campaign to encourage students to donate past midterms and expand the test bank, using humor to remind students how their contributions can help other students.  In addition to promotional material, I have served as member on the ASSU scholarship committee where I have reviewed some truly exceptional students and was faced with the daunting task of selecting only one to receive the scholarship.  Serving as an executive on ASSU has allowed me to learn more about the student body and great diversity offered through our course unions, as well as personally connect and help students through office hours and travel grant requests.  I hope I will be given the opportunity to continue learning and connecting through a second term serving as a member of the ASSU executive.


Reid Dobell

My name is Reid Dobell and I’m running for a spot on the ASSU Executive. I’m currently in the second year studying International Relations and Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, but I’ve also taken courses in Math, Computer Science, and Economics. I have held leadership positions with multiple groups and clubs at the university, including serving as a NMCSU Executive for two years. I now manage the union’s finances and perform vice-presidential duties. I believe that this experience has prepared me to assume a greater leadership role. Aside from continuing the great initiatives of this year’s executive, my goals for the year ahead include:

  • Establishing a dialogue between ASSU and course unions to find innovative ways to increase attendance to CU events.
  • Increasing the funding and outreach support provided by ASSU for CUs seeking to engage their membership.
  • Promoting greater interaction between course unions by improving on the existing forum for executives to share ideas and information.

Additionally, having participated in the Faculty’s external review feedback session, I plan to actively advocate for the Faculty to act upon the recommendations of the report. I will work extensively with the Faculty to explore ways to innovate the first-year learning experience. I would also ask the Faculty to consider implementing a standardized feedback system for teaching assistants, much like the one that exists for professors. Thank you for taking the time to consider my statement.  I look forward to answering your questions at the next meeting.


Crystal Gao

My name is Crystal and I’m a first-year International Relations student. Though I’m still a fresh face on campus, I am running for an executive role on the ASSU because I have been dedicated to elevating student voice for the past few years.

As Vice-President of the largest school board senate in Canada, I represented the interests of 250,000 students. Last year, I organized and chaired two major city-wide student conferences at City Hall securing guests like the Minister of Education and Craig Kielburger, the founder of Free the Children. In 2013, I was selected as one of 20 TD Scholars across the country for my commitment to youth advocacy. As an ASSU executive, I wish to build on the great work that the ASSU team has accomplished thus far. I will continue to foster good relationships with student unions and ensure the academic concerns that matter most to our students are heard loud and clear. I will increase ASSU’s social media presence so that more students are aware of the valuable services that we provide.

Together, we can make a better academic experience for all students in the faculty.


Noor Kayyal (*”The first 250 words of the candidate statement is posted as per election rules”)

This time three years ago I was in sitting in my English class in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  My high school teacher started a class discussion on what magic was, and the ways in which it can be defined.  During that classroom discussion, my Saudi-British teacher advised something that has stayed with me since: “whatever you want to do, whatever dream you have, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Going to school the next day,

Next day coming to school I decided to look at every opportunity I had to get involved.

In those couple of weeks I joined 7 out of 10 clubs at school.

Extra-curricular became my priority, and school became secondary; and I loved it!

  • As the next year came by I made it a goal to continue being involved, with a balanced load however.  By the last two years of school i’ve gotten the honour to be a part of my favourite clubs:
  • President of the Student Council Captain of the basket ball team
  • Prefect Member
  • Executive President for Winter House

When I look back at high school, I credit the bliss of being part of such great committee and experiences in allowing me to defeat feeling overwhelmed.  I cannot begin to emphasize how important it is to have a support group, even more at u of t, where It’s really easy to indulge in stress.

It’s only been a good 8 months at school, I’ve found myself as


Celine Liu (*The first 250 words of the candidate statement is posted as per election rules)

Hey ArtSci buddies,

I am Celine Liu and I am a first year student here at UofT.  I am running for ASSU Executive for 2014-2015.

The reason why I am passionate about getting involved in ASSU is because I have benefited a lot after attending many great events course unions held and I want share my experience and encourage all my other ArtSci buddies to come together to create a better ArtSci community.

Short and Sweet, here are some goals I would like to achieve in the coming academic year:

(a) Make people care more about ASSU – The “Unofficial Anti-Calendar”

By establishing an open, online system, which allows ArtSci students to report any problems they have found in class to corresponding course unions, we can directly address students’ concerns about the course itself and the development of the faculty as a whole throughout their learning experience.

(2) Develop a more comprehensive course evaluation system – Call for “Course Evaluation Day”

By participating in F.O.C.U research group, I start to understand how important students feedback are to the development of ArtSci faculty itself. By creating a course evaluation day, it would be more effective for the faculty to collect students’ feedback

(3) ArtSci in business

Networking is important. After participating different events held by course unions, I have found career destinations is always the common concern for students in ArtSci. What job can I get after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts?

In the coming year, I will be working on providing course unions with more networking opportunities