Q: Where do I go to get an official UofT Transcript?

A: The UofT Transcript Centre (which is also the Faculty Registrar’s Office) – Sidney Smith Room 1006 or you can order one from your ROSI account.

Q: Where is the Lost and Found for Sidney Smith?

A: There are a few places to check for lost items – 1) the ASSU office – SS 1068 2) the APUS office – SS 1089 3) the Faculty Registrar’s Office – SS 1006 and 4) the Caretaking Office – SS 1090. Finally, you can also check with the Central Caretaking Lost & Found at 256 McCaul Street, 3rd Floor.

Q: Where can I find final exams?

A: All finals that are released by the Faculty are available on the Library website (will need to cut and paste into your browser): http://eres.library.utoronto.ca/courseindex.asp, which you can download for free. Answers are not available anywhere.

Q: Where can I find term tests?

A: ASSU has a library of student donated tests. Students can come in and photocopy them. Some of our Course Unions also carry tests – you can ask at our office. ASSU is always looking for students to donate their old tests to our library – we will make a photocopy of the test.

Q: Where is there a microwave for students to use?

A: The APUS office has one and so does the cafeteria downstairs.

Q: How do I book the Sidney Smith Lobby?

A: The lobby is available for booking to recognized student groups only. This booking is done through the Faculty Registrar’s Office – for more info check out this link: http://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/undergraduate/lobby