Pri Sharma, President

Hello friends!

My name is Priyanka Sharma, but most of you all know me around campus as Pri – and if you don’t know me, hello and a warm welcome! I am a fourth year student here pursuing a specialist in Criminology and major in English. This past year I was granted the unique opportunity of being an executive for the Arts & Science Students’ Union, and this upcoming year I am more than honoured to continue my service to students as your ASSU President. Through my extensive involvement on campus in various capacities, I have learned a lot these past three years about the richness of opportunities we are afforded but also the barriers that come with them. By drawing from my cumulative experience, I hope to advocate for you, so that amidst the chaos of post-secondary education, your student experience is a little more fun, comfortable, and memorable.

If you ever had any questions, concerns and/or ideas, please don’t hesitate to come in to SS1068 to chat, or email me at

If you’re also curious what we’re up to during the year, follow our unofficial website but very official tumblr blog, managed by yours truly!

Jina Aryaan, Treasurer

Hello! My name is Jina Aryaan and I’m a fourth year student pursuing a major in Sociology and a double minor in French and Latin American Studies. As an ASSU exec over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to help organize a number of different events, such as ASSU’s first open-mic night, social entrepreneurship event, and exam jam. These events have allowed me to interact with so many amazing UofT students, while sharing memorable experiences with all of them. ASSU has really become my second home. If I’m not in class, you’re bound to catch me rushing to get to the next meeting, or talking life and politics at the ASSU office – occasionally, I also find myself having to defend my love for the colour red when I get called out on my matching nails and phone case.

Asides from ASSU, I’m also highly involved in various campus clubs, such as the Spanish Student Organization – U of T, Her Campus University of Toronto, USSU (Undergraduate Sociology Students’ Union), and so much more! I love encouraging others to take on executive roles with campus clubs, so feel free to drop by the office and talk to me if you ever have any questions about campus involvement.

I’m super excited for all of our new event ideas this year, and I hope to continue playing my part in ensuring a safe, open, and welcoming environment for all of my peers.

Bosibori Moragia, Executive

Hi y’all I’m Bosi and I’m a fourth year here at U of T majoring in African Studies with minors in English Lit and Equity Studies. ASSU is (honestly, truly) my home away from home and I can’t wait to be back and looking like a snack for my second term in office this September. When I’m not drinking miniature orange juices in the back, you can find me promoting Aubrey’s latest musical enterprise on the front desk. It’s litty

Nooria Alam, Executive

Hi friends,

My name is Nooria Alam. I’m in my fourth year studying Political Science, History, and Geography — and I am one of your recently elected executives for the year!

I am so excited to be a part of a team that works to enrich the lives of students here at U of T. I look forward to doing my part in continuing the amazing work that ASSU does by steadfastly advocating for better and more equitable policies, helping the most marginalized students in every way I can, and hosting some fantastic events.

I can often be found around campus eating, listening to music, or drafting an article for my community newspaper. Feel free to chat with me anytime!

Haseeb Hassan, Executive

Hello friends,
My name is Haseeb Hassaan, I am a fourth year student studying Political Science and Religion with a Minor in Near Middle Eastern Studies.

My mother describes me as a “Young, trouble maker who eats all her food. And someone who needs to get married soon.” This is also my bio. Thanks Mom.

I like to think of myself as a cool, hip university student but to be honest I’m just like any other one. I don’t sleep enough, I procrastinate till the last minute and I binge watch Netflix way too much.

But on the reals, I want ASSU to be an organization that you can come to, whether it be about issues with your academic life or if you want a safe space to come just chill at. We’re always here for you.

Catch me at the ASSU office talking football and basketball, sipping on chai and fighting the power. I’m super hyped to be working with an amazing executive this year so get ready for some amazing events.