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So, this is the new ASSU Executive Blog.  And this is where executives will publish blog posts, from everything having to do with policy positions, education and campus life.  My name is Abdullah and I am the spirtiualleader President of the Arts and Science Students’ Union.  We represent 23,000 students in the Faculty of Arts and Science. This blog will serve as a way for you to get to know your executives better and for us to communicate more effectively with y’all.


At U of T, it can feel easy to feel out of place and lost within the crowd.  You may love what you’re studying but feel like you aren’t getting the best in Row 300 of Con Hall, you may find it ridiculous that you have to pay $3 for a banana and you might feel like the school can be a bit hard to navigate bureaucratically.  Have no fear – your student union is here.  We are your academic union and we’re here to address any concerns you may have about your educational experience, both within the Faculty and within the university at large.  Keep up with us on twitter at @assu_uoft, on Facebook and on instagram!

More posts to come! Follow me on twitter at @assupres.


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