Course evaluation survey results

Thanks to everybody who filled out our survey on course evaluations. Your results were compiled into a report and were presented into the faculty. Currently, the Faculty is looking over the report and is figuring out next steps to make the system better. We, of course will keep you updated. The report we produced is posted at our website here:

Course Evaluations Survey Results

The two main points that we asked for your input on, what you thought the system lacked and how it could be improved.

What you said could be improved on:

  • Questions are too vague. Quality of questions need to be improved.
  • Numerical answers aren’t enough, comments are required.
  • Numerical answers often don’t provide enough info, since most of the values are averaged from 3-4.
  • There is no retake rate in % form.
  • People aren’t aware the results are even posted online or where to access them. While, they get an e-mail reminder to do their evaluations, there is no such e-mail sent out when they are posted. More promotion of results is necessary.
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