ASSU 2013-2014 Award Winners

ASSU is pleased to announce the winners of our awards for 2013-2014

Out of an extremely competitive pool of nominees,  these recipients were chosen to be honoured for their involvement and dedication to the Faculty of Arts and Science, and the community at large. Thanks to all of the nominees for making these award decisions so difficult to make.

First year campus involvement award

Stephanie Calhoun
Amitpal Singh
Amy Xiao

William R. Gardner Student Leadership Award

Winner – Abinaya Balasubramaniam
Runner-Up – Johnny Huang
Runner Up – Deborah Mazer

Gavin Nowlan Campus Leadership Award

Winner –Lucy Chau
Runner-Up –Benedict Darren
Runner-Up –Emily Tsui

Katharine Ball Graduating Award for Course Unions

Winner – Benjamin Gillard
Winner – Matthew Tran
Runner-Up – Vivian Choo
Runner-Up – Widya Salim
Runner-Up – Bruno Savoie

Sanjeev Dewett Course Union of the Year Award

Association of Political Science Students

Ranjini Ghosh Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. William Ju – Human Biology Program

Terry Buckland Award for Diversity & Equity in Education

Washroom Inclusivity Project

Urmila Sarkar Students Service Award

Sally Walker – New College Registrar


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