Exam Jam 2014 Edition

Exam Jam is the best way to get ready for finals

Exam Jam December 2013-1

Exam Jam  brings together some of the great resources on the St. George campus to help you get through the busy final exam and paper season. You don’t have to be an Arts and Science Student to participate, all of these free events are open to everyone. Come get a massage, make a button, munch on some healthy snacks, and attend a review session.

Exam Jam 2014 edition will take place on Monday April 7th in Sidney Smith Hall from 11-3.

Exam Jam is a collaboration between the Faculty of Arts and Science, the Arts and Science Students’ Union (ASSU), and many others to provide a fun and productive environment to get ready for finals.  Check out the Exam Jam website often as new instructors and classes are added to the list of review sessions.

Exam Jam December 2013-2

Exam Jam is not just about cramming for that final test, but about taking some time to have fun and de-stress before the exam period begins.

Exam Jam December 2013-3

And why not pet a cute dog?

Exam Jam December 2013-4

Yeah, that seems like a great idea.

For more information check out the Exam Jam website.

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