Marks not returned to students in time

ASSU and the Faculty of Arts and Science are looking into how students receive their term marks


There have been many students complaining about not getting term work graded and returned before the drop deadline this year. ASSU is committed to making sure that every student receives term work back before the drop deadline.  Not only is getting term work back in a timely manner important for students, it’s also a Faculty of Arts and Science policy. ASSU is currently asking for students to let us know if they have had trouble this year getting work returned after the Fall drop date of November 5th.

If you didn’t receive work back before the November 5th deadline to drop an “F” course, email ASSU at: with “Marks Feedback” in the subject line.  Be sure to include which course this was in. This information will help ASSU and the Faculty make sure that everyone is following the Faculty guidelines.


The Faculty policy is clear


From the Faculty of Arts and Science Academic Handbook:

2.11 Assignment Weights & Return Dates – Faculty Rules (*R*)

University policy dictates that instructors must return “at least one piece of marked term work before the last date to drop the course,” normally about 3⁄4 of the way through the course. F courses, in early November; Y courses, in February before Reading Week; S courses, in early March.

Faculty policy makes this requirement more specific:

i) Instructors shall return by the deadline one or more marked assignments worth a combined total of at least 10% of the total course mark for H courses and 20% for Y courses.

ii) The deadline for returning such marked work shall be the last regularly-scheduled class meeting prior to the Drop Date, with one exception: for courses that run the entire Fall/Winter Session (Y1Y or H1Y courses), the deadline shall be the last regularly-scheduled class meeting of the first week of classes in January.

This is a very strict requirement with no exceptions. If some extraordinary circumstance prevents you from meeting this deadline for your whole class or a significant part of it, you should notify your UG Administrator immediately. In such cases, the students are normally allowed to drop the course after they have received back the marked work, even if it is beyond the deadline. This is not the case, however, for an extension beyond the deadline you grant to a individual student based on the student’s request or exceptional circumstances. In such cases you are not obliged to meet the deadline.

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