Project: Universal Minds

Another year for Project: Universal Minds is here!  Applications are now open for tutors in our high-school tutorship program. Tutors go into area high-schools to help students in Math, Science, and English.   Applications are available online!  This is a great way to get involved!!

For more information and the application form click here.


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  1. Odane Chamberlaine says:

    This is more of a question oppose to a comment. I recently saw the email regarding “project: Universal minds”. However, I realized that the deadline was October 7th. I would really like to apply for the position, but uncertain if applications are still being accepted. If time permits, can you send me an email in regards to late applications and whether they are still being accepted. Thanks.

  2. Maastura says:

    when is the date of the deadline?
    I needed some time to get my transcript from my school. Can I still apply?

  3. Administrator says:

    there is no deadline – just get your application in as soon as possible – we are short on Tutors! Thanks!

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