Terry Buckland 1951-2009

It is with deepest sadness that we announce the passing of Terry Buckland. Terry was the long time Executive Assistant and had been with the Union since 1984. Terry passed in hospital after a long illness. All of the Executive, as well as countless members of the university community mourn the passing of such a caring and dedicated person.

Terry’s dedication to social justice and education infected the students who came through the office, and his passion and knowledge will be sorely missed.

Preparations are being made to honour his memory, inquires can be made at 416-978-4903 or students.assu@utoronto.ca

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  1. Michael O'Brien-Walker says:

    This is very sad news for me personally and for all the students at U of T. Terry’s passion surged beyond just ASSU, toward all students. His love and generosity will be missed by all that knew him. Always ready with a smile or a surly comment, I trust he improved lives crossing his path. He certainly improved mine.

    I love and miss you Terry.


  2. Yinsey Wang says:

    Terry was incredibly helpful, dedicated and caring. I fondly recall all the times I would pop by the office and he would be there ready to help with any matter I could pull out of a hat. He will be sorely be missed. Best wishes to his family and friends.

    Thank you for everything, Terry. You were awesome.

  3. Ian Silver says:

    Terry, you’ll be missed. Here’s one you taught me and many others…

    You, who are on the road
    Must have a code
    That you can live by.
    And so, become yourself
    Because the past
    Is just a goodbye.

    -Graham Nash (CSNY)

  4. Steven Embree says:

    It is with great dismay that I learn of Terry’s death. We rented a house together from 2004-08. Together we corrupted and conforted many an individual. He had an infectious laughter, a lust for life and a caring soul. I did not talk to him often over the years, but when I did, it was as if we were back in that house some twenty years ago. The world has lost a marvellous human being.

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